Post-harvest Management

Seasol for Post-harvest Management

Part of the process in maintaining more consistent yields is to keep leaves active as long as possible and to support root growth that occurs during the postharvest period.

Seasol products provides benefits for soil improvement, plant nutrition, and stress reduction that can be highly effective in aiding Post Harvest management.

Here are some key points to remember when fitting Seasol products into an effective post-harvest strategy:

  1. Don’t delay. The time between harvest and dormancy can be short or highly variable.
  2. Post-harvest Leaf Activity is important for energy and nutrient storage to help support early growth & stress tolerance in the following season.
  3. Root System Activity. An important root growth flush occurs after harvest in many tree and vine crops.
  4. Soil application. Seasol Commercial via irrigation will provide a strong root growth stimulus needed at this time.


Prior to dormancy – while leaves are still greenSeasol via irrigation @ 10L/Ha