When to use

Seasol products bring together the benefits of the two most-researched kelps used in agriculture

King Island Bull Kelp (Durvillaea potatorum) and Knotted Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum),  developed over 40 years to capture their powerful bio stimulant properties.

Kelp can survive it all, bring the same strength to your crop with our range of kelp-based products.


Land Plant

Under attack from the sun & ocean storms

Maximise your growing program from seed to harvest

Left high and dry, then pounded by salt water

Ensure resilience to harsh weather conditions

Kelp has to be tough, develop strong roots & grow fast to survive

Enhance shelf life & protect your crop from harvesting & packaging damage

The bio-nutrients that allow these two hardy kelp species to withstand the harsh freezing, drying and physical stresses of their natural environment are retained and refined in our products. Our 40 years of experience and an extensive research program has proven that Seasol’s kelp-based products can transfer these benefits to your crop.

Frost management

As part of such a program, Seasol products are effective in providing improved cold stress tolerance within 5-7 days of a foliar application.

Heat stress

Seasol products provide a range of benefits for stress reduction, soil improvement, and plant nutrition that can be highly effective in reducing the impact of heat stress.

Post-harvest management

Seasol products provide benefits for soil improvement, plant nutrition, and stress reduction that can be highly effective in aiding post-harvest management.

Maximise your growing program

Seasol products can help through
all stages of farm production:

Planting and transplanting to help with transplant shock and root growth for fast establishment of orchards and crops.

Flowering to help with increased quality & quantity.

Dipping or drenching of seedlings prior to planting.

Ensure resilience

Improve the effectiveness of existing frost-management measures by helping to reduce the temperature at which the cell wall freezes.

Spray early in the season.

Spray immediately if forecasts predict
a frost risk.

Do not tank-mix with pesticides if spraying
for frost mitigation as they may reduce the
cold-tolerance benefits.

Build better heat tolerance with regular and early use by helping to protect plants against water loss.

Apply as soon as possible after bud-burst, transplant, or germination.

Before any expected hot weather.

After a hot spell.

Pay special attention at critical stages
(flowering and fruit set).

Enhance Shelf life

When Seasol products are used as a plant health tonic in existing growing programs, the combined benefits of our two kelps have been proven to enhance yield and extend shelf life.