Our heritage

Seasol started as a small Tasmanian based Seaweed Company. In 1984 it was purchased by Eric Haynes, a coal miner from England who had migrated to Australia with his wife Molly in the 1950’s.

At the time the Company was manufacturing and selling a product called Seasol, a plant health tonic and soil conditioner made from Bull Kelp washed ashore on King Island. Although not widely recognised, the product was generating significant interest locally among farmers and commercial growers who saw improved growth and quality in their crops when Seasol was applied.

Eric quickly recognised its value and Seasol was developed for commercial horticulture. Over the years, results in the field continued to show that our original Seasol product improved the quality and performance of yields, reduced plant stress and resulted in tougher, healthier plants. Seasol Commercial is derived from a blend of the finest brown kelps including King Island Bull Kelp (Durvillaea potatorum) and Knotted Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) from the North Atlantic Ocean.

All kelps are either storm cast in the case of the King Island Bull Kelp, or sustainably harvested which is the case with the Knotted Kelp. By trimming the top portion of the plant the kelp is effectively mowed which, like pruning encourages rapid re-growth. Ascophyllum nodosum is widely used in the northern hemisphere where it is sustainably harvested from managed kelp beds. The two kelps are blended in our dedicated processing facility near Launceston to produce the wonderful seaweed solution that is Seasol.

The sales and distribution of Seasol products in New Zealand is handled by Hort and Agri NZ Ltd.

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