How to use

Seasol’s kelp-based products are highly concentrated liquid heath tonics that combine the bio-nutrient benefits of two hardy kelp species.

King Island
Bull Kelp


Used little and often, Seasol products can maximise the benefits of your established N-P-K fertilising program and help plants develop a strong root system, leading to more efficient nutrient uptake.

Seasol products are versatile and can fit into any farming application. They can be applied in a variety of ways:

Orchards & vines

through foliar, drip & sprinkler systems

Vegetable crops

via drip, sprinkler & overhead system


via boom spray or irrigation systems

Small applications

through a handspray or knapsack

Use in fertigation systems

Use in fertigation systems

Seasol products are easy to apply through any spray irrigation system in the same way as (and often in combination with) liquid feed nutrients. 

Seasol products are filtered to 150 microns as standard, making them safe for use in most fertigation systems such as boom sprays and travelling irrigators.

Use in tank mixes

Use in tank mixes

Seasol products are tank-mix compatible with most pesticides and fertilisers, provided best-practice mixing and application procedure is followed.

This includes a jar test of any mix before blending in the tank, the application immediately after mixing, and using personal protective equipment (PPE) as recommended on the label.

For more information on a specific product, please review our individual product pages: