Frost Management

Seasol for Cold Tolerance

Effective frost management requires a multi-facetted strategy.

As part of such a program, Seasol products are effective in providing improved coldstress tolerance within 5-7 days of a foliar application. Applied at 10L/ha its effects can last for 2 to 3 weeks.

In all cases, Seasol products should only be used to improve the effectiveness of the existing frost management system – not to replace it.

However, even the best protected crops can sometimes still be damaged by frost. Should damage occur, Seasol products can also be used to aid re-growth and recovery.

Here are the key points to remember when using Seasol products to help increase cold-stress tolerance:

  1. Spray or Fertigate? The use of Seasol products via irrigation can help increase cold tolerance, but it takes 10 to 15 days for full effectiveness. Foliar sprays need only 5 to 7 days to achieve the same result, but are less effective early in the season, without sufficient leaf area available.
  2. Do NOT Tank-mix. Pesticides may be compatible with Seasol products for general purposes, but field experience shows they may reduce cold tolerance benefits.
  3. After a Frost. When plants are damaged by a frost, it is important to stimulate healthy new growth. Seasol products can be used through fertigation or foliar sprays to aid this process.


Prime for coldStart as early in the season as possible, or (for perennial crops), use a post-harvest application the season prior10L/ha
Prepare for cold2-4 applications every 3-4 weeks depending on weather5L/ha
Pending FrostsSeasol Commercial foliar spray as soon as forecasts show developing cold conditions10L/ha
Post-frost recoveryUse a post-harvest application (for perennial crops), or start as early in the season as possible10L/ha