Heat Stress

Seasol for Crop Heat Stress

Productivity losses from heat stress cannot be recouped later. Seasol products provide a range of benefits for stress reduction, soil improvement and plant nutrition that can be highly effective in reducing the impact of Heat Stress.

Here are some key points to remember when fitting Seasol products into an effective heat protection strategy:

  1. Start Early. Seasol products treated plants cope better with heat, but the more time they have to build up this tolerance the better.
  2. Spray timing. Spraying Seasol Commercial at 10L/ha 5 – 7 days prior to a hot spell will give added protection.
  3. After heat. In the period following a hot spell, plant stress levels can remain high. Spray Seasol Commercial after stress to assist recovery.
  4. Critical stages. Flowering and fruit set are times when plants are especially vulnerable to heat stress.
As soon as possible after bud burst, transplant or germination5L/Ha
Prior any expected hot weather10L/Ha
Following a hot spell5L/Ha