Seasol products via irrigation

Seasol products are easy to apply through any spray irrigation system in the same way as (and often in combination with) liquid feed nutrients.

For best results, it is important to achieve the proper dose rate – bearing in mind that irrigation wets both the foliage and a certain depth of soil.

Application rates have been calculated to achieve this with any irrigation – based on the mm of water being applied per hectare. Use this method for the most reliable results:

  1. Apply Seasol products throughout the irrigation run to ensure a consistent dose from the top of the canopy to the target depth in the soil.
  2. Use 20L to 50L Seasol products for every mm of irrigation. To produce concentrations from 1-in-500 to 1-in-200.
  3. Target irrigations that are closest to critical stages in crop development for maximum growth stimulus. Seasol products are also useful when watering during hot spells to reduce plant stress.
  4. For irrigated pasture, apply Seasol products in the first irrigation after grazing to ensure rapid growth & high palatability.