PastureMasta is a blend of Seasol Commercial with fish, liquid humate, and added nitrogen, developed specifically for optimum effectiveness on pasture.

Features and Benefits:

  • Improves pasture regrowth and palatability
  • Increases pasture growth in early Autumn and late Spring
  • Enhances pasture nutrition with essential trace elements
  • Boosts soil biological activity

Typical Analysis:

W/V: Nitrogen (N) 9.4%. Phosphorus (P) 1.1%. Potassium (K) 6.2%


20L, 200L and 1000L.

How it works

The specialised blend of kelp, fish, and humate in PastureMasta helps improve both the structure and biological activity of the soil. It also directly stimulates pasture growth and this is supported by the added nitrogen.

For best results PastureMasta should be used to complement the benefits of a balanced fertiliser program, stimulating soil microbial activity, enhancing plant nutrient uptake, and improving soil structure.

How to use it

Using PastureMasta is simply a matter of spraying it onto the pasture after sowing or grazing. For irrigated pasture, see our website for notes on application through travelling or pivot irrigators. PastureMasta is best used in conjunction with an existing fertiliser program to maximise the effectiveness of the fertiliser.

The application rate depends on the intensity of grazing – the tighter your rotation, the lower the application rate. (i.e. if you move your stock only a few times during the season, then use 10L/Ha after each move. If you are on a 14 to 21 day rotation (or thereabouts), use 5L/Ha each time. For set-stocked pasture, there is no need to remove stock. PastureMasta is non-toxic and so may be applied to one part of the paddock while stock are grazing in another.

Best practice requires that application be avoided under extreme weather conditions.

Boom sprayers & Under-tree sprinklers For all types of spray equipment, use the area normally covered by one tankful to determine how much product to add 5-10L/ha
Drip or Micro-irrigation systems Use higher rates for lighter soils 5-10L/ha
Overhead sprinklers: Travelling or Pivot irrigators Use higher rates on lighter soil; lower rates on heavier soil (ie. The amount of concentrate needed per hectare of irrigated area for 10 mm of irrigation is 10L to 50L) 1L to 5L per mm of irrigation

Safety and analysis

PastureMasta should never be applied undiluted – water is the carrier to ensure proper coverage. Once diluted, it should be used within 24 hours. PastureMasta is filtered to 150 microns so that it is suitable for application with any conventional spray equipment including boom sprays or irrigation equipment.

Please click here to download the Safety Data Sheet

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