Improve Kale feed quality with Seasol

Seasol products Trilogy and Seasol + Calcium were applied to a Kale crop following planting at two intervals. Plot trials demonstrated the crop feed quality improved.

Field trials

  • One small plot replicated field trial
  • Field trial site—Lincoln (New Zealand)
  • Eight replicates
  • Plot size measured 10m x 2m


Two applications of Seasol Trilogy and Seasol + Calcium were made at 10L/ha.

  • Application A: Prior to canopy closure on 19 December 2022.
  • Application B: After canopy closure on 19 January 2023.


Application 1: 19 December 2022



Application 2: 19 January 2023


A fresh weight yield assessment was taken on 8 June 2023, along with leaf samples for foliage analysis on 14 June 2023.

Key Results:

Seasol improved feed quality of NZ Brassica.

Crude protein was higher in Seasol + Calcium (24.5% DM) and Trilogy (23.7% DM) than the control (19.8% DM).

Seasol + Calcium and Trilogy also had slightly higher metabolizable energy, with 13.5 MJ/kg DM and 13.6 MJ/kg DM respectively, compared to the control (13.4 MJ/kg DM).

Both Trilogy and Seasol + Calcium had higher foliage nitrogen levels, with 3.6% and 3.7% N respectively, compared to the control with 3.0% N.

The foliage content of phosphorus, sulphur, zinc, and chloride was also higher in the two treatments compared to the control.


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