Small Cucurbits

Fitting Seasol into Small Cucurbits production

  • Seasol products can be used every 2-4 weeks during the growing season as a general plant tonic to enhance plant health, flowering and fruit production.
  • Seasol products can be applied as needed to provide increased resistance against frost and heat damage.
  • Seasol products are a valuable supplement to apply before, or with, any foliar applied nutrients to enhance their uptake and utilisation.

Production benefits in detail:

The use of Seasol products results in significant benefits for both the plant and the crop. Application at critical development stages results in:

  • Improved plant establishment. Seasol products stimulate root growth needed for the rapid establishment of new plantings.
  • Drought tolerance. Seasol products significantly increase drought tolerance. It does this by helping plants protect against water loss.
  • Frost tolerance. The same mechanism that protects against drought stress also provides significant frost protection by reducing the temperature at which plant cells freeze.
  • Improved production. The natural substances and trace elements in Seasol products improve the evenness of crop development and general plant performance.
  • Disease resistance. It has been consistently reported that Seasol product treated plants demonstrate reduced incidence and severity of disease.
  • Increased microbial activity. Seasol products are a food source for beneficial soil microbes increasing their number and diversity.

Small Cucurbits application rates and timing

Initial soil preparationSeasol Plus Calcium @ 5 L/Ha plus Humate Plus @ 5 L/HaSoil application prior to bed forming or final seed-bed preparation.
Immediately after sowing
or transplanting
Seasol Plus Calcium @ 10 L/Haa Soil application via boom spray or irrigation
As the first flowers begin
to develop
Seasol Plus Calcium @ 10 L/HaFoliar spray or fertigate
Then every 2 to 3 weeksSeasol Plus Calcium @ 10 L/HaFoliar spray or fertigate