Landscaping & Gardening

Seasol products for Landscaping and Gardening

  • Regular application (every 2-4 weeks) during the growing season as a general plant tonic can be used to enhance productivity.
  • Targeted application at specific growth stages can be used to provide increased resistance to the impacts of cold or heat.
  • Application with or immediately after any fertiliser application can be used to aid nutrient uptake and utilisation.
  • Post-harvest application can be used to help plants store nutrients and energy reserves for the following season.

Production benefits in detail:

Both soil and foliar applications of Seasol Plus and Seasol Plus Calcium can be used to optimise soil conditions that help facilitate root growth, while also stimulating the plant’s metabolism and helping to control the effects of plant stress.

  • Start Early. Seasol products stimulate plant metabolism in ways that appear to prepare the plant to better cope with many stress problems. For this reason, the earlier in the transplant process you begin to apply Seasol products the better.
  • Spray timing. Seasol products provide significant stress reduction in as little as 5 – 7 days between application and transplanting. The use of regular foliar sprays will help minimise transplant shock.
  • Soil drenching. In the period prior to transplanting, a soil drench with Seasol products will help prepare the root system and soil to better tolerate the stress of transplanting.
  • Stress Mitigation. While Seasol products provide significant protection against stresses such as heat and frost, it is important not to forget that the plant will be experiencing high levels of stress for some weeks after the move. Regular foliar sprays on a fortnightly basis will help facilitate establishment and adaption to the new conditions

Landscaping & Gardening application rates and timing

As early as possible prior to transplant (at least 7 days) Humate PlusApply a 1 in 200 solution at the rate of 100 litres per cubic metre of soil to the entire root ball.
After placing the tree in its new position, drench the root ball prior to back-filling the hole.
Immediately after
Humate Plus
Immediately after planting or laying turfSeasol Plus Calcium
foliar spray
1 in 400 solution to thoroughly wet the planted area.
Follow-up or Maintenance (every 2 to 4 weeks)Foliar spray either with Seasol Plus or PowerFeed50:50 mix as a 1 in 400 solution wetting leaves to run-off will restimulate growth.